Welcome to Inussi Marketing. We’re a strategic planning, branding
and insight generating creative marketing incubator.

We’re not merely creating brand awareness for our clients, but creating a brand culture. We believe in motivating people to act as fans, not to become merely customers. A fan embodies loyalty. They show a vested interest. And they defend with passion. They will help grow your cause. So, it’s not “what can we sell this person?” It’s “what can we do to keep this person happy?”

Here’s the cycle that takes a customer to fandom. From like to love. From transaction to relationship. From being just another, to the one.

It all starts with gathering information through direct engagement with the company and their audience. There is nothing like going directly to the source and converting their feedback into a compelling rationale to take the right action for the brand.

It’s about leveraging this information so it can be distributed and shared by people to initiate change – shift thought.

There are instances where we may take a hypothetical position. However, that conjecture is base on understanding the issues and then evaluating the information to prove our position. There’s no crystal ball, it’s about diving in and getting our hands dirty.

For any brand, it's crucial to create a distinctive and meaningful position in the minds of people. This can only be accomplished if they embrace what you have to share – they must truly identify with you or your cause. So, we help articulate and create that identity. It allows for a kinship of belonging to something larger than them. It’s not about influence because influencers come and go. Passion doesn’t. The brand is a starting point, which allows people to evangelize what is important in their lives. To declare their support which leads to acceptance.

Your have shared your story. The people know what’s important. They have evaluated it. Now it’s time to connect with others. No one can grow the love of something with more passion than those who love it most. Buy in helps define and refine the brand experience you provide. Acceptance has been confirmed.

When you partner with us it’s not about creative for the sake of being creative. It’s all about doing. Whatever the execution, it will be rooted in sound strategic thinking. And it all starts with the first conversation.
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